Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Perfect for: A team bonding dinner with some good colleagues from work
Hot tip: Book in advance - they're always busy.
Price range: $$$ Exxy
My rating: 8.5/10
Food: 8/10 Service: 9/10 Ambience: 9/10

Red Lantern on Crown came after its popular predecessor, Red Lantern on Riley in Darlinghurst. If you've got a winning formula and can't fit enough people in your restaurant, day in and day out, then why wouldn't you open up a new one?

As you guessed, it is just as popular as its older brother. Walk past on a regular night, you're unlikely to know it even exists on Crown since it's so well-concealed, but if you did, you're probably unlikely to get a table if you didn't already have a reservation. I've been lucky both times I've wondered past on a Tuesday night, and managed to sneak in a quick meal before those diligent enough to make a booking arrive for their table.

Crisp skin Burrawong pasture raised chicken poached in master stock with ginger and oyster sauce

Twice cooked crisp skin Burrawong duck with vermicelli, red cabbage and bamboo shoots

I think the food here is fantastic - full of flavour and really wakes up your tastebuds. I honestly don't think you can go wrong with any of the choices on the menu. What really impresses me about this place is their service - for a place that is so busy, they really are good at treating their customers well. The waitstaff are very attentive and readily tailor the menu items to your needs - for example, I really wanted to try both the dishes above but I couldn't possibly order both dishes, so the waitress said she would happily ask the chef to do half portions for me. 

Meal: Lunch / Dinner
Cuisine: Fusion Asian
Address: 545 Crown St, Surry Hills
Hours: Sat-Mon 6-10pm, Tue-Fri 12.30-3pm & 6pm-10pm

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Perfect for: A catch up with a friend on a sunny Sunday before wandering around the Glebe markets
Price range: $$ Not bad
My rating: 7/10
Food: 7/10 Service: 8/10 Ambience: 8/10

Clipper Cafe is a cute little space on the bustling Glebe Point Road. If you're a sucker for retro bikes like me, this is the best place to be spotting them.

We went there on a busy Saturday where we had to wait ~20 minutes for a table. We were then seated at the large table, between others that had obviously also waited a while to get in for their Saturday morning brunch fix.

I tried the baked eggs with chorizo, while my friends all went for the more conventional bacon and eggs. I thought the baked eggs were not bad, but I also thought that the baked eggs I had at Fouratefive was a lot better.

What I really liked about Clipper Cafe was how nice both the interior was. It was decked out in quirky little pieces, there was even a bike hanging up inside! Outside the cafe, you would find funky wooden stools and tables just on the pavement, so if you were happy grabbing a coffee and a quick bite, then this would be your best bet.

Meal: Breakfast / Lunch
Cuisine: Modern Australian
Address: 16 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
Near: The Glebe markets 

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